Sweetly Salted

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All of our flavors begin with our signature Sweet & Salted Glaze


Sweet, Salty and just right. This flavor paved the way for Sweetly Salted, and will always be on the menu!


Sweet, Salty and aromatic. Saigon Cinnamon is the star ingredient, creating a more robust and intense cinnamon flavor.

Sweet &

Sweet, Salty and a hit of heat. Dusted in a savory spice blend, featuring Shishito and Chili De Arbol peppers.

No Kernels, No Seeds! Gluten free

We get a lot of questions on how our puffs are made. Without giving away all of our secrets, here’s a quick breakdown!
Cornmeal and water are mixed together to make a dough. The dough is passed through a special machine that puffs and molds each piece into their signature shape. Next, the puffs are baked. They are then coated in our signature Sweet & Salted Glaze and baked again until perfection. 

And voila! Sweetly Salted science mixed with a little magic

Facts about
Puffed corn

Puffed Corn is gluten-free!

Got braces? Eat Puffed corn! There are no seeds or kernels to get stuck in dental work.

This snack is baked, not fried. 

Diverticulitis food friendly. No seeds here to trigger an attack.